You can submit your original research papers for oral presentations and/or posters, using the provided template.

Posters will be Electronic. Please specify your preference (oral presentation or poster)

Submitted abstracts must be within the following topics

  1. Aging spine and vertebral compression fractures
  2. Image-guided augmentation procedures
  3. Evidentiary status of bone augmentation procedures
  4. Injectable biomaterials and design
  5. Biomechanics
  6. Spine biology, VBA and reconstruction
  7. Tumor, VBA and ablation
  8. Bone grafting, biology and substitutes
  9. Intra discal injections and Treatments
  10. Prophylactic intervention in the spine and hip
  11. Drug device combinations
  12. Rib fracture intervention
  13. Pre op planning and intra op guidance systems
  14. Ablative technologies cost benefit and patient benefit
  15. Nanotechnology
  16. Bone printing and scaffolds
  17. Dental bone support
  18. Other

Specific Guidelines for Electronic Poster Display:

Once your abstract is accepted for poster presentation, please prepare it in PowerPoint Format (Maximum 12 slides, including the title slide). Computer will be provided. Information about sending your file will be provided upon acceptance.

Download Here the Abstract Template

The abstracts must be sent as an e-mail attachment to info@griboi2018.com
Please mention Abstract Submission in the subject of the e-mail

Abstracts submission deadline:  20 January 2018